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Gallup’s 2015 World Findings


Gallup’s 2015 World Findings

2 January 2016

Woman Garlands Little India

Hindu woman selling garlands. Pic/Shukor Yusof

Do you know that the Hindus have the most optimistic outlook for 2016? In the latest edition (31 December 2015) of WIN/Gallup International’s global End of Year survey (WIN Gallup 2015), 61% of Hindus polled gave positive responses when asked this question: Compared to this year (2015), in your opinion, will next year be a year of economic prosperity, economic difficulty or remain the same for your country?

The survey interviewed 66,040 people in 68 countries and less than half (45%) felt positive towards the economic situation in their own country in 2016. The figures in the survey seem to indicate people are feeling slightly more enthusiastic things will improve this year. Of those polled, just 22% reckoned things will get worse while 33% had no opinion or don’t expect to see any changes.

Going by the results, people on the Indian subcontinent are the most optimistic (60%), followed by East Asia / Oceania (53%) and Sub-Saharan Africa (45%). At the other end of the spectrum are the Europeans; in the European Union (EU) just 14% expect things to improve in 2016.

Indeed, a glance at the statistics reveals that the rich are not necessarily the happiest. The 10 most optimistic / happiest countries are:

  1. Colombia (85%)
  2. Fiji (82%)
  3. Saudi Arabia (82%)
  4. Azerbaijan (81%)
  5. Vietnam (80%)
  6. Argentina (79%)
  7. Panama (79%)
  8. Mexico (76%)
  9. Ecuador (75%)
  10. China / Iceland (74%)

Among the emerging economies (defined as G20 economies excluding the G7 economies), China is the most optimistic nation, with 65% of the Chinese polled eagerly anticipating the upcoming Year of the Monkey.

Beijing Hawker

He’s optimistic… Happy hawker in Beijing. Pic/Shukor Yusof

There are other interesting findings. People under the age of 34 (50%) are the most positive that 2016 will be better economically, while demographics-wise, people with higher household incomes are the most optimistic.


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