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Goyal’s insecurity, coupled with his lack of foresight, are to be blamed for the crisis, says Shukor Yusof, founder of Malaysian-based aviation consultancy firm Endau Analytics. “He has a huge ego… he could not trust others and hand over control… that has led to this situation. With the influx of low-cost carriers, having an experienced team could have helped identify problems and react. They didn’t react quickly and became complacent. That’s what caused the end of Naresh and the airline.”

Source: Forbes, Apr. 18, 2019, Jet Airways: How Naresh Goyal lost the plot  

Aviation analyst Shukor Yusof of Endau Analytics in Singapore said it was “a bit rich” for one company to accuse the other of receiving unfair advantages. “The bottom line is that both manufacturers get help from their governments, or in Boeing’s case from the state of Washington,” he said.

Source: Fortune, Apr. 17, 2019, As the U.S. and EU Trade Tariff Threats Over Boeing and Airbus Subsidies, a Chinese Upstart Looms 

Shukor Yusof, the founder of aviation consultancy Endau Analytics, said Cathay’s brief foray into the red changed thinking at the company.

“The losses Cathay suffered in consecutive years woke them up and they realised if they didn’t alter their thinking, they’d be marginalised and become irrelevant,” he said.

“Then they saw how Singapore Airlines changed its strategy and that strategy worked,” he said, adding that Cathay should have moved into the budget sector 10 years ago.

He said turning HK Express around was a “big ask”.

“But if they apply stringent cost cuts and exploit the buoyant Chinese market, profitability is a possibility in two to three years,” he said.

He predicted HK Express may start to price aggressively and target a select group of travellers, with mostly leisure flyers among them.

“I foresee HK Express behaving and exhibiting characteristics similar to Ryanair in Europe,” he said, referring to the notoriously no-frills Irish low-cost carrier.

Source: Bangkok Post, Apr. 2, 2019, Cathay ‘faces reality’ with budget airline buy, say analysts 

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government, as part of his Belt & Road Initiative, has been helping African governments build airports and other infrastructure. Offering low-cost Chinese-made planes is part of that strategy, said Shukor Yusof, founder of aviation consultancy Endau Analytics in Malaysia.

Source: Bloomberg, Mar. 21, 2019, China Closes In on Plane Order From Africa Amid Overseas Push

Shukor Yusof, the founder of Malaysian-based aviation consultancy firm Endau Analytics, said there would be no capacity issue if MAS were to close shop as its void would be filled by other airlines.

“MAS ought to shut down. There is no economic or financial rationale in maintaining it in its current condition. A loss-making business can’t continue indefinitely,” he told the New Straits Times.

If the national airline was shut down, its assets, such as aircraft and properties, could be used to repay debts while some of its workers could be redirected to other airlines, such as Malindo Airways or AirAsia.

“What’s more important, in my view, is to take to task the people who have been responsible for ruining MAS. There must be accountability.”

Shukor said the question that remains to be answered is does MAS really bring a multiplier effect to Malaysia’s economy via tourism revenue.

Source: New Straits Times, Mar. 7, 2019, ‘Shut down or sell off national carrier’



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